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Who’s got time to document their business systems from scratch?

TKO combined with our ready made templates makes the job of documenting your business systems a whole lot easier

Business Templates

Content is king!

Our years of experience in this area have shown us that businesses, if left to start from scratch will often develop severe writers block. That’s why we provide a pre-installed template plus a choice of others to guide you in develping your own systems.

For example the “Business excellence” template which comes pre-installed with TKO is structured as an example sample business pre-populated with departments, policies, procedures, roles, job descriptions and kpi’s where you simply rename the business name and customise to your hearts content.

What a massive start you will have!

All TKO templates carry these core modules

  • Human resource
  • Business planning
  • Risk Management
  • Over 300 policies & procedure

  • CEO, Management roles
  • Accounts roles
  • Sales roles
  • Many more

  • Sales KPI’s
  • HR KPI’s
  • Accounts KPI’s
  • Many more

TKO connects all content with each other.

  • Content is created and stored in context with the overall business structure
  • Content can be linked to each other or  to roles
  • A staff member can be assigned to one or many roles

Featured templates

Business Excellence

For Any Business
Manufacturing Business

For Manufacturing Type Businesses
Real Estate Practice

For Real Estate Agencies-Brokers

Give TKO a try to today.

You will be amazed how easy it is to document your business systems