Cloud Based SOP’s, Policies and Procedures System

A software application that allows you to document and then easily share your policies and procedures with your staff. Perfect for standard operating procedures (sop), compliance or on-boarding staff.


Our company has been helping businesses like yours document their systems for over 14 years. Consistently our clients tell us how hard and time consuming it is to write good policies and procedures. To address this we have included a wide range of documents that you can use immediately within your business.

​Pricing Starts At $89 ​per month (aus dollar) For A Team Of Up To 10 Users

Document and Share

​A systems knowledge base which allows you to document and easily share your policies and procedures with your staff. Perfect for standard operating procedures (sop), compliance or on-boarding staff

Access From Any Device

Access your policy and procedure system from either your desktop or mobile device. Perfect for keeping contracted or remote workers on board with your systems.

Send Notifications

​Send notifications to staff when one of your systems change or when systems are due for review. Relevant staff are kept up to date at all times.

Build Printable Manuals

​​Not only is TKO a systems knowledge base but you can also build incredible SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) Manuals or staff manuals. Filter content by all or by category

Embed Video

​Using TKO Policy Guides you can embed a video or audio file into your policy or procedure system.

​Secure Sensitive Content

​​Secure sensitive content from prying eyes through either password protection, role assignment or setting up special groups to limit what your staff can.. and cannot see

I find myself having time to write to you to thank you for your product and your software has allowed me time to do other things. After purchasing the TKO Software, I finally have ALL my systems together in one place

​Joh Paynter

​PGC Group

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

​Helen Krantis


Our company is in the building industry we are involved with many projects for major commercial builders and clients. Their sites are addressed according to OHS and Quality Management Systems. To be competitive in this tough industry we have decided to attain our accreditation and to systematize our operations. This involved needing a more efficient policies and procedures system. Thankfully we found TKO


TKO Policy Guides is an easy to use cloud-based policies and procedures software system for businesses and organizations of any size to document and share ​their ​policies and procedures with ​staff​


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