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Cloud based software system for real estate agencies/brokers to systematize their business through policies, procedures and roles to manage their organisation.

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Real Estate Policies and Procedures Software System

For Real Estate Agent/Brokers To Systematize Their Business

real estate policies and procedures software

A ready-made real estate business system to manage and maintain all your agencies/brokers real estate policies and procedures

Real estate policies and procedures software made for the forward thinking real estate manager. Our system is packed with ready made real estate policies and procedures to help you rapidly document and share your systems with your staff.

It includes everything you could imagine to help you build your perfect real estate practice or brokerage. Cloud based technology combined with industry standard operating procedures makes it a must have tool for your real estate agency/brokerage business.

Roles and job descriptions are also provided so you can quickly assign your staff to their relevant positions.

TKO Policy Guides – Real Estate is perfect for unblocking bottlenecks within your real estate business and ensuring everyone has a clear understanding of correct procedure.

Our years of experience has enabled us to build a library of relevant content that can be adapted for most real estate agencies.

Real Estate Policies and Procedures Content

Real Estate Sales
  • Listings and appraisals
  • Prospecting
  • Auctions
Property Management
  • Structured content
  • Easily customized
Templates & Forms
  • Policy and procedure template
  • Role and job description template
  • Work instruction template
  • Business planning
  • Risk Management
  • Company Policies and more
Human Resources
  • Staff recruitment
  • Induction manual
  • Safety manual
  • Business development
  • Marketing resources
  • Marketing plans & goals
Health & Safety
  • Planning
  • Forms and templates
  • Measurement and evaluation
  • Accounts receivable & payable
  • Payroll
  • Budgets, Plans and goals
  • Sales process
  • Lead generation & conversion
  • Plans & goals
ISO 9001-2015
  • Quality management system
  • Management responsibility
  • Measurement, Analysis and Improvement
Customer Relations
  • Customer management
  • Maintaining relationships
  • Forms and templates
  • Records and data management
  • Purchasing
  • Office administration

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Our Real Estate SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) Software

Combines 2 Essential Components

  1. Content and
  2. Software – A cloud based system to manage and share the content with your staff

Content – What is contained within our content?

Our real estate system contains real estate policies and procedures, real estate roles and job descriptions and related files such as word documents and spreadsheets etc. Our real estate systems have been written by real estate industry professionals.

However, having good content is one thing and without a means of managing and sharing it with your team, it’s almost pointless, but that’s where our real estate policies and procedures software can come into play, see below for more about this.

Our real estate policies and procedures software – “A system to manage your systems”

Our cloud-based software allows you to document, manage and then share your real estate systems with all your staff.

It might be best described as your own Real Estate Knowledge Base, one that can be accessed by all your staff from either desktop or mobile. It even allows you to create filters to block certain staff from viewing particular documents.

So now, when you have a particular process that needs to be refined or put into practice within your real estate agency you simply add or edit an existing document and upon on saving it is immediately available to all your staff.


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