Policy and procedure software to get everything out of your head and into a documented system

TKO is the only policy and procedure software that will help you design and document exactly how you want your business to operate

Create a business that runs like a well oiled machine

Give TKO Business Modeller a try today and I’m sure you’ll be amazed how easy it is to document your business systems

What is TKO Business Modeller?

TKO is a policy and procedure software application that allows you to get everything out of your head and into a documented system. Create a policy or procedure to handle almost any situation so that the business is less dependant on individuals and more on systems and team work.

Create, categorise and manage your organisations know how. ..find out more

policy and procedure software labelled components

Document your business operations

Could you describe your Health and Safety system or your Accounts system to a new staff member? What would you show them and how would you induct them into how you do business? ..find out more

policy and procedure software - policiy and procedures

Build An Operations Manual or Staff Manuals

TKO is not your everyday policy and procedure software TKO is special in that it provides 5 methods of publisihing all from the same source Print, Preview,PDF, Web and HTML Help format.

Using the Print, Preview or PDF method you can publish an operations manual for the organisation as a whole or create individual manuals for your staff based on the roles assigned to them. ..find out more

policy and procedure software - operations manual

Create Roles & Assign Staff To Roles

Design the key positions needed to run your business/organisation effectively. Then assign the most apppropriate person to fulfill those positions. ..find out more

policy and procedure software - roles & job descriptions

Create A Knowledge Base Web Output

Building your organisations knowledge is one thing but sharing that with your staff is another. TKO provides a knowledge base style web output that can be accessed by a users web browser. ..find out more

policy and procedure software - web output

Key Performance Indicators

When you ask your people to jump you better tell them how high. Using the KPI module in TKO you can quickly create simple kpi’s or standards that reflect the outcomes you expect. ..find out more

policy and procedure software - key performance indicators

Business Templates

But what about content? Our years of experience in this area have shown us that when documenting your business systems it’s quite likely you’ll develop a form of writers block at some stage.Mainly becuase you don’t know where to begin.

That’s why we provide a pre-installed template plus a choice of others to guide you in develping your own systems. What a massive start you will have! ..find out more

policy and procedure software - business excellence template

We also have a business document library

Sample team culture policy
Simple procedure – template
Sales Person

And Industry Templates Uploadable To Our TKO Software

Business Excellence
For Any Business
Manufacturing Business
For Manufacturing Type Businesses
Real Estate Practice
For Real Estate Agencies-Brokers
Not For Profit Business
For Any Not For Profit Group

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